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Your Atlanta Auto Accident Lawsuit

Slater & Wilensky LLC can guide you through the process

If you have never been involved in an auto accident lawsuit, then it comes as no surprise to Slater & Wilensky that you do not know what to expect when pursuing one.  Described below are the typical steps of such a suit:

  • Determining if you have a case.  During this step, your lawyer will ask you to bring us documentation related to your automobile accident lawsuit.  We review this documentation, and determine the strength of your case.  The information we request may consist of photos of the accident or scene, medical bills incurred due to injuries, or expenses that are expected in the future as a result of the crash.  We many also need the names and contact information of the defendants, their insurance companies, and any witnesses present during the event.
  • Filing the suit.  Your lawyer will file your lawsuit in the appropriate jurisdiction, and then notify the defendants that a claim was made against them.
  • Engaging in discovery.  Discovery is a process of information exchange.  You and the defendant, along with your respective Atlanta car accident attorneys, meet to discuss the evidence gathered for your auto accident lawsuit.
  • Negotiating a settlement.  It may become apparent after discovery takes place that you are very likely to win your case if it goes to court.  It is then in the best interest of the defendant to negotiate a settlement with you.  Be careful not to accept any offers from defendants, or their insurance companies, without first discussing the matter with your legal representative.
  • Taking your case to trial.  If a settlement is not possible, the courtroom provides an arena for your attorney to advocate on your behalf; your attorney can then attempt to convince a judge or jury that the defendant is responsible for your auto accident injury and that you deserve compensation accordingly.

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